HAUSWARTUNG Zürich mit besten Hauswartprofis

Professionelle Hauswartungen für Ihre Liegenschaften
HWS house maintenance and building cleaning so that your objects and houses are in the best hands. Our caretaker professionals make house administrators worry free.
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Competent management, environmental care and cleaning

As a leading company in the field of professional house maintenance, we guarantee best facility service services with our more than 20 years of proven experience.

You can rely on our professional professionals!

Every caretaker at HWS in the Zurich area is an expert and has experience and knowledge for the best care of our customers. Our caretaker professionals are tested for problems and always have immediate solutions for your building or home maintenance. With our House wart service you can devote yourself to other tasks and relax without worries. We are happy to show and present all our home maintenance cleaning services in detail. Of course we create a non-binding and free offer.

Hauswartung und Gartenunterhalt in Zürich
Die Hauswartprofis bei der Hauswartung Zürich
Gartenunterhalt und Rasenmähen durch Liegenschaftenservice
Hauswartprofs und Gebäudereinigung bei Hauswartung
Die Hauswartungen gmbh änderung in AG

Specialist company for reliable house maintenance plus cleaning

You can count on our experience and expertise
Our building cleaning plus house maintenance are a real added value. We complement each company so that you can concentrate on your core business. Optimized as required and individually worked out are all our service solutions. Many years of experience and know-how are the basic prerequisites. Our special quality concept ensures our services quickly and easily. Our strategy

  • To make all house maintenance without complaint
  • Constant adjustment of services
  • To work economically for our customers
  • All work around the home service to offer
  • Attract new customers through referrals
  • Efficient and ecological

24 h Stand Service so you can count on your reliable and competent caretaker.

Die Hauswartprofis Zürich

Competent Care-free home maintenance in Zurich with 25 years of experience

Gebäudereingung by our caretaker professionals, efficient and ecological.
With us your properties are in the best hands. Cleaning, such as special cleaning and guarding of the house technology, to snow clearing and garden care are done by our EIDG. Qualified Hauswärte for our customers.

Customized House maintenance plus cleaning

Our caretaker service performs various tasks for you according to your wishes and schedule effectively and competently.

Traffic safety of all roads and driveways

Our traffic security service includes control for example from the playground and other public places belonging to the building. The control and replacement of the light sources for the illumination of the paths and driveways. Snow removal and smoothing in winter are done immediately in case of snowfall. The securing of external lines and outdoor installations against frost is carried out in time. The control of all doors and their closure is carried out every time for your property.

Functional controls and monitoring tasks

Building services such as heating systems, ventilation system, locking systems, elevators or fire protection equipment. In every house and property there is always something to monitor and must be controlled. Our Hauswarprofis for your property ensures that the house technology runs round. With our house maintenance you have a working building. Minor repairs are carried out immediately.

Waste Management

In most housing estates and properties, the waste containers must be placed on time for the emptying. In general, the waste and rubbish bins are kept clean and ensured that no unnecessary costs of household and waste are incurred. In the case of larger properties, the waste press is operated and handled properly.

Regular Garden Maintenance

Our garden professionals with green thumbs take care of everyday tasks in garden care. For example, irrigation of lawns or weed-weeding. At playgrounds, they free sand boxes and other green areas of waste and debris. Early winter cutting is just as much a part of garden maintenance as environmental care.

Building Cleaning and Maintenance cleaning

Staircase cleaning or cleaning of all aisles in the house as well as lifts are also part of the tasks such as sweeping accessible areas. Emptying the trash cans or periodic window cleaning in the stairwell. These tasks can be fixed for the whole year by means of a service list or executed by our Hauswärte by separate order at any time. In the case of snow, our winter service will quickly guide the snow clearing of the paths and driveways for thanks organization.

Winter Service for Snow clearance

You can determine from what measure and case we offer snow clearance. Our professional winter service immediately jerks off with snow. Free swiftly all paths and entrances from the snow and, if necessary, carry out an additional staircase cleaning in case of salt traces.

Facility Management

Do not waste unnecessary time with the maintenance and organization of your property. We take over this and at the same time offer a complete offer and expertise. We get the value and even generate added value for your building or real estate. With us your tenants receive the necessary support services. All areas of technical service, house maintenance cleaning, garden maintenance are also available.

Did our house maintenance convince you?

Alle Services bei uns

Our modular system of services for all house maintenance. As needed, budget and needs.

Perfekte Hauswartung

Ale housekeeping and cleaning work is carried out by highly trained caretaker professionals. A perfectly supervised customer with our specialists.

Zuverlässig und Speditiv

On time and at the right time Liegenschaftenbetreuung carried out efficiently and ecologically.

Offene Jobs in der hauswartung Zürich

Are you a caretaker with heart and soul? Do you have experience as a technical service and garden maintenance such as hedge cutting? Stand service in case of failure of the house technology is nothing new for you and belongs to the service of the caretaker service?
General Supplement

  • Know each other in garden care
  • In a team with a partner
  • Snow clearance in winter service
  • Keep garden plus environment always maintained
  • Take over stand service in the artisan team.
  • Specialist knowledge in maintenance cleaning
  • Living in the city of ZH or Winterthur
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